Dear friends of Team DWB,

We’re cleaning up our headquarters, collecting the signs, and sharing our thanks to those who have supported our campaign.

While of course I am sad that I won’t be going to Washington to represent you in the 116th Congress, I am very proud that so many of my peers (40!) have flip their districts and our party has taken the majority in the House. We know that states like North Carolina were held back from being part of that wave due to severe gerrymandering, but are hopes are high that patisan gerrymandering is soon going to be a thing of the past. We’re not done yet.

So many of you have been tremendously helpful to our campaign. In our last email, we asked for support for our outstanding bills and your help was tremendously useful. We still need to raise $4,000 to pay our vendors. Every bit helps, so please consider one final contribution so that our campaign can keep a good reputation for whatever comes next.

Again, thank you for your support,

David Wilson Brown

The Committee to Elect David Wilson Brown

David Wilson Brown
PO Box 351
McAdenville, NC 28101
United States