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At its meeting on March 27th, the newly constituted N. C. State Board of Elections and Ethics Enforcement appointed new four-member elections boards for our state’s counties.

We’re happy to report that CCDP’s recommendations for the Democratic members of the local board were accepted. Doug Sharp, who has served us citizens well, was re-appointed to his third two-year term. Mary Accor, former county commissioner and educator, was appointed to a new two-year term.
We send congratulations to both along with our warm thanks for their willingness to serve.
The state board did not accept the recommendation of the local Republican Party. As detailed in this news article, the state board declined to re-appoint Wayne King, the current local elections board chair. The two Republican members appointed are Allen Langley, currently serving on the local board, and Debbie Clary, a former state legislator.
You’ll also see in the linked article that the state board granted N. C. ballot access to the Green Party. We may soon have candidates from four political parties: Democratic, Republican, Libertarian, and Green!
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