A message from former DNC Chair, Gov. Howard Dean:

“​​​​I am writing you today to formally endorse David Wilson Brown for North Carolina’s 10th Congressional District. As a former DNC chair, I saw big wave elections in 2006 and 2008. And 2018 is shaping up to be another wave year. Earlier this month we saw this when Democrat Conor Lamb won a district in Pennsylvania that Trump won by 19 points. I know, under David’s guidance and leadership, North Carolina’s 10th district can be part of this wave.

Help turn North Carolina’s 10th District blue; chip in support David’s campaign today.

Some districts are more insulated from a Democratic Party surge due to gerrymandering and regional attitudes. However, the current administration’s extreme anti-immigration policies and its corrupt excesses have made even districts once regarded as safe vulnerable.

But it’s not just that a Democrat can win in Western North Carolina; you need a representative who will go to Congress and fight for you.

David Wilson Brown is the candidate that NC’s 10th District needs. David is a son of the middle class who has lived over three decades in North Carolina and has chosen to raise his own family in WNC. David gets it. He understands the issues facing the people of District 10. He values the strong work ethic of its people and their moral strength. David has the education and broad, real-world experience to bring a fresh voice to Washington for the people of District 10.

David is focused on delivering:
• Living wage jobs
• Increased educational funding
• Support for vocational and trade schools in the area
• Universal healthcare, including support for Community Health Centers
• Common sense gun regulations that will ensure an individual’s right to bear common arms but protect the American people from military-style weapons platforms
• A strong environmental policy tied to a revenue-neutral carbon tax to protect the beauty of WNC for generations to come.

I am supporting David Wilson Brown for Congress and hope that you will support his progressive vision for a better road forward for your district.

Gov. Howard Dean
Former Democratic National Committee Chair”

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