RALEIGH, NC (11/12/2019)—North Carolina State Auditor Beth Wood, a CPA with decades of experience in both public service and private practice, officially announces her candidacy for re-election for a fourth term. Her first three terms were spent fulfilling a two-part plan to improve both audit efficiency and audit quality and creating a culture of being aggressive but fair.  Additionally, she is acknowledged statewide for taking the politics out of the work of the State Auditor’s Office.

Ms. Wood stated,” I possess the critical experience with public auditing, knowledge of state government and the credentials as a CPA that have resulted in the identification of hundreds of millions of dollars of inefficient spending over the past 11 years under my leadership. The results of our audits have given rise to legislation aimed to prevent waste and inefficiency. I promise to continue to be undeterred in our efforts to be the ONLY Eyes and Ears that watch how taxpayer’s dollars are being spent.”

Wood continued, “Our goals are to produce audits with irrefutable findings and report back to you without prejudice or politics. We will also pioneer the use of innovative technology and robotics that provide more immediate data on critical areas within State Government as well as predictive analytics to more quickly identify waste and inefficiencies.”

Beth Wood is a long-time public servant with 22 years of auditing experience.  The first woman elected to that office, Beth has served as State Auditor since 2009. She previously had worked in the State Auditor’s Office for more than a decade and also served in the State Treasurer’s Office.  Prior to state government, Beth worked as a cost accountant with Rayovac Corporation, as an auditor with McGladrey & Pullen, CPA firm and was the CFO for a North Carolina-based furniture company.

“The citizens of North Carolina recognize my devotion to this office and the need for me to complete the work I started. I want to continue to serve as your Eyes and Ears.” expressed Ms. Wood.

For more information go to www.bethwoodcampaign.com