Thank you will never be enough

Our veterans honor us with their service and their sacrifices, and it’s fitting that we honor them.

Veterans Day is an important reminder of all that veterans have done to make our state and our nation stronger.

North Carolina is proud to be the home of so many men and women who served bravely in our armed forces. One in ten North Carolinians are veterans, and we have the third largest active military population in the country.

We owe these veterans and servicemembers our gratitude for protecting our safety and preserving our freedoms.

We also owe them the opportunity to make a life for themselves when their military service ends. That includes help transitioning into civilian careers and access to health care and other support they’ve earned as veterans.

I’m proud that North Carolina is one of the most military friendly states in the country, and the home to so many distinguished veterans.

To our veterans: a simple thank you will never be enough. You put yourselves in harm’s way to protect our freedoms and our way of life.

And for that we are forever grateful, on Veterans Day and every day.


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