Democrats Are Back In A Big Way

Last night, Democrats saw historic victories and won not only gubernatorial seats in New Jersey and Virginia but across the country and up and down the ballot. Americans made their values known by electing Democrats in critical races. In Virginia, no party had picked up more than seven seats in a single House of Delegates election since 2001 and we have at least doubled that with 16 flipped delegate seats, including HD-13, where Danica Roem became the first transgender state legislator in Virginia. It was clear that voters handily rejected the Trump-Pence agenda by electing Democrats in states and districts that Donald Trump won last year. Democrats are moving forward and activists, volunteers, progressive and grassroots allied organizations across the country are working together to rebuild the bench. Attached is a memo from Jess O’Connell, DNC CEO, with more details on these historic wins.

Special thanks to everyone who volunteered to knock doors, make phone calls, and mobilized to turn out the vote. Last night’s success is just the beginning. We, at the DNC, believe every zip code counts, and we will organize 365 days a year alongside each of you, to keep winning elections from the school board to the Oval Office.

North Carolina Democratic National Committee Members
Wayne Goodwin Aisha Dew John Verdejo
Denise Adams Shelia Huggins Cliff Moone
Ray McKinnon Akilah Ensley J. David Cox

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