NCDP Clips 8/4

General Assembly News

Longtime Union County senator won’t seek re-election
Charlotte Observer // Jim Morrill // August 3, 2017

Summary: “Republican Sen. Tommy Tucker of Union County announced Thursday that he won’t seek a fifth term in 2018. Tucker, 67, co-chairs the influential Senate Finance Committee.”

Union County state senator to retire
WRAL // Travis Fain // August 3, 2017

Summary: “State Sen. Tommy Tucker announced Thursday that he won’t seek re-election, wrapping up his Senate career next year after four terms, partly so he can watch his grandchildren play T-ball.”

Tim Moore response to AG press conference on DOJ cuts
Twitter // Joseph Kyzer // August 3, 2017

Summary: “We believe the resources are there for the Attorney General to fully take care of the criminal issues in North Carolina. We also believe some of the civil work the Attorney General’s office does can be moved to those other agencies, so the last thing the Attorney General needs to do is to do anything that impedes with the criminal justice process. He has adequate resources, very adequate resources to take care of those issues … We will be looking at legislation if necessary later on to further refine the Attorney General’s duties in relation to that.”

Josh Stein cuts 45 positions in AG’s office: ‘We can’t do the last third’
N&O // Anne Blythe // August 3, 2017

Summary: “North Carolina Attorney General Josh Stein announced on Thursday that he has eliminated 45 positions in the state Department of Justice after the state budget adopted earlier this summer included a surprise $10 million budget cut.”

  • “What I’m telling you today is, we can’t do the last third,” Stein said. “The last third will put too much damage, too much risk on the public’s safety. For that reason, we are repeating our call to the General Assembly: ‘Please, protect the people of North Carolina, and find a way to fill this gap.’”

Stein, DAs, law enforcement: Cuts to DOJ budget will harm public safety
WRAL // Laura Leslie // August 3, 2017

Summary: “State Attorney General Josh Stein and other law enforcement leaders are calling on lawmakers to restore funding cuts in the Attorney General’s Office, but 45 positions have already been eliminated in the first round of cuts, including some expert attorneys.The Department of Justice budget was unexpectedly slashed by a little over $10 million in the final Republican-penned budget deal, which passed at the end of June.”

Rhinos give gun rights banner to Senate “RINO?” Berger
WRAL // Travis Fain // August 3, 2017

Summary: “North Carolina’s most active gun rights group accidentally gifted a banner to the leader of the N.C. Senate Thursday when two men dressed as rhinoceroses rolled it up and handed it over.The rhinos – suggesting that Senate President Pro Tem Phil Berger and other GOP senators may be RINO “Republicans In Name Only” – were part of a lampooning put on by Grass Roots North Carolina, which is right of the National Rifle Association when it comes to guns. The group is seeking passage of House Bill 746, which would loosen concealed carry rules.

NC GOP: Anarchist who won’t comply with firebombing investigation should be jailed
N&O // Will Dorean // August 3, 2017

Summary: “Republicans in North Carolina have already doubled the reward for information about the still-unsolved firebombing of one of their offices in the Triangle during the height of the 2016 elections. Now, they also want one potential witness jailed. ”

NC Republican group gets some taker on its offer to debate anyone for $100
N&O // Matthew Adams // August 3, 2017

Summary: “In June, the Buncombe County GOP announced it would donate $100 to charity on behalf of any person or organization who would agree to “debate any local, state or national political issue.”The person or group who agreed would be allowed to pick which charity the money would be given to. ..State Sen. Jeff Jackson, a Democrat from Charlotte, responded to the group on Twitter saying he would debate them and match the offer of $100. ”

Here’s your chance to comment on shape of maps to correct NC gerrymanders
N&O // Anne Blythe // August 3, 2017

Summary: “North Carolina Republicans have begun to release details of their schedule for drawing new boundaries to correct legislative districts found unconstitutional by the federal courts.But they have not presented any maps to the public yet.”

Legislature moves against illegal labor practice
N&O // Lynn Bonner // August 3, 2017

Summary: “An effort to police businesses that wrongly treat employees as independent contractors won legislative approval Thursday. Under the proposed law, a section of the state Industrial Commission will take complaints from workers and coordinate with other agencies and district attorneys to make sure civil penalties are collected. The House approved the bill 104-0. It now goes to Gov. Roy Cooper for his consideration.”

One-day session bogs down over legislative push for regulatory veto
WRAL // Travis Fain // August 3, 2017

Summary: “Legislation to expand a General Assembly veto over executive branch rule-making and a grab-bag of changes in environmental law emerged at the state house Thursday, bogging down a one-day gathering initially set aside to consider Gov. Roy Cooper’s vetoes. Legislators set all override votes aside, agreeing to handle Cooper’s four outstanding vetoes in three weeks. That’s also when they’re set to approve new House and Senate maps as ordered by the federal courts.”

Lawmakers select 18 people to serve on new education commissions 
WRAL // August 3, 2017

Summary: “State lawmakers on Thursday appointed 18 members of the education community to serve on two commissions – the North Carolina Teaching Fellows Commission and Professional Educator Preparation and Standards Commission. ”

Legislative schedule: Maps, veto votes later this month 
WRAL // Travis Fain // August 3, 2017

Summary: “The General Assembly’s constitutionally required veto session came and went Thursday morning without the body taking up Gov. Roy Cooper’s four outstanding vetoes, which the Republican majority may eventually override. A number of members did not attend Thursday’s session for various reasons.”

The latest: General Assembly finishes session, returns soon
News & Record // AP // August 3, 2017

Summary: “The Latest on the North Carolina General Assembly reconvening because Gov. Roy Cooper vetoed four bills lawmakers sent him before they adjourned in June (all times local)”

Vetoes set aside for now, but legislators remain for work
News & Record // Gary Robertson // August 3, 2017

Summary: “North Carolina lawmakers postponed decisions Thursday on whether to override Gov. Roy Cooper’s vetoes but they stayed around the Legislative Building to vote on sending him several more bills held up from earlier this summer. And faced with a federal court order this week to redraw General Assembly district maps by Sept. 1, Republican legislators reworked their schedule for the rest of the year to reconvene in just two weeks to start approving new boundaries. ”

Editorial: Voters must hold legislators accountable on redistricting 
WRAL // Editorial // August 4, 2017

Summary: “When the General Assembly’s redistricting committees meet today there’s a sense of urgency and purpose they haven’t been accustomed to. There is a federal court order. There are judges shining a spotlight on their work that will be examined and dissected in minute detail. ”

  • “Legislative leaders have given little assurance that they intend to create fair and balanced or even lawful legislative districts. The committees’ leaders will cry crocodile tears, complaining that overbearing judges have imposed a tight deadline that will allow only limited public participation.”
  • “Please! The court order is no excuse to limit or diminish public participation. This is 2017, not 1817…Plug in a set of criteria and computers can spit out detailed redistricting plans in minutes. This is politics, not rocket science.”
  • “They should go the extra mile, put in the extra hours and make sure there’s a transparent process to create fair districts. Lewis has said there would be hearings around the state but wouldn’t provide details.”
  • “We encourage other groups, regardless of their partisan or political alignments, to come up with, and submit to the legislature, plans that embrace a nonpartisan approach.”
  • “While legislators don’t appear willing to go out of their way to fully engage with their constituents, that doesn’t mean citizens should let them get away with it.”

Our view: Toward fair districts 
Winston-Salem Journal // Editorial // August 3, 2017

Summary: “A legislative redistricting hearing is scheduled to meet for a second session today. The GOP leadership better heed the word from federal judges and get serious about moving ahead with this crucial process, including by finding a new mapmaker who can enjoy bipartisan support.  The legislators had a year to work on it and have barely started.  ”

  • “Some groups in the state, such as Common Cause N.C., as well as a panel of former N.C. judges led by former UNC system president Tom Ross, have been organizing to promote independent redistricting. A group of current Republicans legislators also filed a bill earlier this year calling for independent redistricting. This is sorely needed. Our residents should be able to take clean, fair elections for granted.”

Gov. Cooper News

Our View: Call the opioid crisis what it is: A national emergency
Fayetteville Observer // Editorial // August 3, 2017

Summary: “If newly named White House Chief of Staff John Kelly succeeds in bringing some order to the chaos that has so shaken the Trump administration, we hope he’ll get the president and Attorney General Jeff Sessions to ponder this: the interim report of the president’s commission on opioid abuse. If they follow the commission’s advice, they will save thousands of lives.The members of the bipartisan commission, which includes N.C. Gov. Roy Cooper, asked the president to declare a national emergency to deal with the deadly epidemic.”

  • “Gov. Cooper, in an interview on PBS this week, said, “The report is incomplete. We’re whistling past the graveyard if we don’t recognize that, in order to provide treatment, that we have to increase Medicaid funding to the states, and we have to make sure that every American has good, quality health insurance that covers substance abuse and addiction treatment.””
  • “And as we see in Fayetteville, we’ve got to take steps beyond that. Fayetteville has one of the worst opioid-addiction problems in the country. An estimated 8 percent of Fayetteville residents has an opioid problem — that’s 16,000 people.”
  • “Declaring a national emergency and freeing up Medicaid funds for addiction treatment will be a big step. So would additional federal funding to expand addiction-treatment programs.”

Gov. Cooper: Hatteras, Ocracoke to open business at noon Friday
My Fox 8 // Staff // August 3, 2017

Summary: “Gov. Roy Cooper on Thursday encouraged visitors to return to Hatteras and Ocracoke islands when evacuation orders lift at noon tomorrow following the restoration of power, according to a news release from the governor’s office. ”

Feds subpoena records from DEQ on chemical release in Cape Fear River
WRAL // August 3, 2017

Summary: ” The U.S. Attorney’s Office for the Eastern District of North Carolina issued a subpoena to the state Department of Environmental Quality on July 28. The subpoena requests that, by Aug. 22, DEQ provide to a grand jury in Wilmington the records and documents, including permits, environmental compliance information, reports, emails, research and notes, related to the Chemours Co.’s Fayetteville Works facility, GenX and other fluorinated chemicals. ”

  • “In June, Gov. Roy Cooper directed DEQ and the state Department of Health and Human Services to launch an investigation into Chemours’ discharge of GenX into the Cape Fear River, which is a drinking water source for Wilmington and surrounding communities. Last week, Cooper directed the State Bureau of Investigation’s Diversion and Environmental Crimes Unit to assess whether a criminal investigation is warranted in this case.”
  • “Cooper and his administration were successful in getting Chemours to stop the release of GenX.”

Key Targets News – House

Brenden Jones


Larry Yarborough


Mike Clampitt


John Bradford


Bill Brawley


Nelson Dollar


Chris Malone


Susan Martin


Gregory Murphy


John Szoka


Stephen Ross


Andy Dulin


John Blust


Jonathan Jordan


Michele Presnell


Beverly Boswell

With Outer Banks power restored, focus turns to the future 
North State Journal // Cory Lavalette // August 4, 2017

Summary: ” Power was restored to Hatteras and Okracoke islands Thursday, one week after PCL Civil Constructors severed two underwater power cables during construction of the new Bonner Bridge on the Outer Banks.”

  • ““It’s going to be millions [in losses]. … They depend on this summer business to get them through the year,” said Rep. Beverly Boswell
  • ““I don’t think it was PCL’s total responsibility,” Boswell said. “I think it was all of them: the coop, PCL and N.C. DOT. Who has a project of this magnitude and not have backup splice kits?””

John Sauls


Donny Lambeth


Linda Hunt Williams


Scott Stone


Larry Pittman


John Faircloth


Dennis Riddell


Ted Davis


John Hardister


Dana Bumgardner


Bob Steinburg


Linda Johnson


David Lewis

Public hearing Friday for new North Carolina voting maps criteria 
Chapelboro // Blake Hodge // August 4, 2017

Summary: “North Carolinians will have a chance to weigh in on new legislative district maps on Friday.A public input session is scheduled for Friday morning at the North Carolina General Assembly as lawmakers are redrawing the state’s electoral map after a court order.”

  • House Representative David Lewis, who is leading the redrawing efforts in the House said in a statement announcing Friday’s session that lawmakers would comply with the court order.”

George Cleveland


Debra Conrad


Mark Brody


Michael Speciale


Donna White


Holly Grange


Bert Jones


Key Target News – Senate

Tamara Barringer


John Alexander


Chad Barefoot


Wesley Meredith


Trudy Wade


Michael Lee


Jeff Tarte


Danny Britt


Bill Cook


Dan Bishop


Jim Davis


NCDP News / Mentions


Tillis & Burr 

Tillis gives civics lecture from a glass house
N&O // Editorial // August 3, 2017

Summary: “Sen. Thom Tillis has either a short memory or Trumpian levels of gall. Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev asserted that in signing sanctions against Russia, President Trump’s administration “has shown its total weakness by handing over executive power to Congress in the most humiliating way.”…But Tillis stepped up to lecture the prime minister on democracy, replying to a Medvedev tweet by saying, “… the US has three co-equal branches of gov’t, a concept you’re clearly not familiar with under the Putin dictatorship.””

  • “OK, but what about Tillis as speaker of the N.C. House joining with Phil Berger, president pro-tem of the state Senate, to run roughshod over then-Gov. Beverly Perdue and treat the executive branch as if it didn’t exist, and simply ignoring any ideas coming out of the governor’s office?”
  • “Tillis took a fair shot at the Russians. But he might not have been the most credible person to take it.”

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